Why Global Small Caps?

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Blue Orbit Asset Management is a boutique investment manager, focused on systematic equity investing in inefficient markets, such as Australian Small Caps and Global Small Caps. These market segments offer significant opportunity for a robust systematic process to capture significant alpha.

Blue Orbit: Be Different, Be Better

Global Small Caps is an often overlooked segment of the market. With tech stocks and other global mega-caps dominating the headlines, many investors are unaware of the huge opportunities available in the smaller capitalisation end of the market.

Small Caps offer investors the opportunity to invest in companies at an early stage in their growth cycle, and to benefit from the inefficiencies in the market to access superior returns. Through our extensive research and experience in this segment of the market, Blue Orbit outlines some key points on why you should consider a small-cap allocation in your portfolio.

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Julie Andrews
Director, Head of Distribution                                                                 

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Adam Randall

Adam is a portfolio manager and is responsible for all aspects of portfolio construction, investment research and continuous improvement. Adam is also responsible for the management of the business. Adam has a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering and spent 6 years at Boeing in aerodynamics and flight simulation. In 2006 Adam transitioned to equity investing at VFMC, quickly becoming Portfolio Manager. He researched & developed smart beta and quantitative strategies, managing Australian Large & Small Caps. After six years at VFMC Adam was approached to join Realindex as a Portfolio Manager, co-managing Australian Large & Small, Global and Emerging Markets. After 12 months Adam also became Head of Research. In 2014 Adam joined IFM Investors as an Investment Director to build out their global equities and smart beta capability. This included researching and managing an Australian Small Caps smart beta strategy and co-managing Global Index portfolios. In late 2017 Adam established Blue Orbit Asset Management, where he was joined in early 2018 by Damien Green, Megan Talmage and Julie Andrews. Adam also serves as a founding board member of Blue Orbit Asset Management.
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